Call for Applications, Turkish Summer School 2018

Deadline:  31 Mach 2018
Open to: participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years old
Venue: 16 July - 12 August 2018 in Ankara, Turkey


Since 2009, the Yunus Emre Institute has offered students from around the world the opportunity to study the Turkish language in Turkey. Students are able to attend classes that correspond to the level of their skill in the Turkish language. Students who have never taken Turkish before, as well as those who have studied it for years, are able to improve their language skills through classes that are taught entirely in Turkish, allowing for an immersive experience.

Last Summer, 700 students representing 57 countries partook in the Summer School. The groups were able to visit the 81 different cities throughout the 7 different regions of Turkey, allowing each group to have their own unique experience. At the end of the program, the groups came together in Ankara, Turkey for the closing ceremonies of the Summer School. Afterwards, the groups travelled to Istanbul together for the last three days of the program.

The 2018 Turkish Summer School will run from July 16 to August 12, 2018.

Students will be separated into groups and will live in cities across Turkey. With seven regions comprising of 81 cities, every group will have their own unique experience during the program. Scattered across Turkey, each group will live in their own city. From that city, they will venture out on the weekends to experience more of the region that they are living in and the unique subcultures that can be found in each one.

During their stay in Turkey, students will be housed in either university dorms or guest houses.

Every morning, Monday through Friday, students will have class for three and a half hours. The classes are taught entirely in Turkish, allowing for an immersive environment.

Students will have totally 60 hours Turkish classes during the program.


In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Everyone between 18-35 year old can join the programme;
  • Participants should not have participated to Turkish Summer School previously;
  • Participants should hold a non-Turkish citizenship;
  • It is important participants to be competible with large groups of different people, social and willing to be part of a multicultural team;


The entire cost of the program, including the flights to and from Turkey and the meals on the program, will be covered by the Yunus Emre Institute.


After class, students will have lunch and then will depart for their daily activity. Activities may include guided tours of historical sites, horseback rides, cooking classes on authentic and regional Turkish dishes, visits to the local market, or free time to explore the city. These daily field trips encourage students to use their language skills that they have learned in the classroom, and provide them with the opportunity to experience every aspect of Turkish culture.

In order to apply, register HERE.

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