Call for Applications for the International Summer School on Public Policy - Venezia-Padova 2019

The department of Political Sciences, Law and International Studies of the University of Padova and IPPA are proud to introduce the International Summer School on Public Policy - Venezia-Padova 2019. The Summer School will be held in Venezia and Padova, Italy on July 8 - 13, 2019

  • The Call for Applications will be opened from March 18 - May 3, 2019.
  • The Registration from May 6 - June 1, 2019.

The main objective of the summer school is to provide advice and knowledge on Public Policy theories, concepts and methodologies to analyze public policy to PhD students and young scholars.This year's Summer School's theme is “Democratic Governance, Policy Innovation and Learning”. The Summer School will offer its participants diverse approaches, research methods, case studies, a round table and working group sessions on innovative governance and learning in a comparative perspective. Its aim is to promote the diffusion of theories and methods of policy change in democratic systems of governance in the belief that they can improve policy effectiveness in meeting social demands and foster social innovation. 

This Summer School's edition will seek to answer to the following questions:

  • Analytical approaches. How can governance variables be studied in the context of democratic policy change and innovation?
  • Tools of policy innovation. What are the innovation tools and what are they for?
  • Policy learning. How to design governance and policy architecture to generate socially-beneficial innovation and policy learning that meets the standard of democratic governance?

The participants will have the opportunity to attend the following activities:

- Lecture sessions held by an international scholar, including an interactive discussion. Participants will be required to read a certain number of articles germane to each lecture, as an introductory activity.

Case study sessions 

Workshops sessions to discuss participant’s research projects or research article. Each project will be discussed for 1 hour.

At the end of the week students will present and discuss the advancements of their projects or their case-studies. A certificate of participation will be awarded to each participant.

Lectures and workshops will be ensured by internationally renowned scholars : Claudio Radaelli (University College London), Susana Borras (Copenhagen Business School) and Eva Thomann (University of Exeter).

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