GYIN-CBS Entrepreneurship Program

Language    English
Program Starts    30/06/2013
Deadline    15/06/2013


at GYIN, believe that entrepreneurship is a major solution to fight youth unemployment and create jobs and business opportunities to young people all across the world. We are very sensitive to the challenges that young entrepreneurs face while starting and sustaining their businesses. This is why we’ve reached out to the Columbia University Business School which is well known for educating the world’s finest business leaders since 1916. We are excited  to launch this summer InVenTed, the first GYIN-CBS program which aims to equip young entrepreneurs with skills and tools they need to start their business and take it to the next level.
 InVentEd® Online Innovation, Venture Creation, Education
Course Description
This intensive online program exposes participants to entrepreneurship concepts and innovation practices by guiding them through the new venture creation process as applied to a venture idea of their choice. Participants, through interactive online lectures, short cases, and self-directed assignments, learn the core elements of venture creation and planning in a specially sequenced modular format.  Each module provides the participant with the knowledge and tools required to develop a comprehensive new venture plan.  The five modules are: 1) Opportunity, 2) Strategy, 3) Innovation, 4) Leadership, and 5) Execution.  At each stage, participants are exposed to critical terms, tools that support research and decision making, and explanations of how each major planning activity fits into the new venture creation process. First session date in end-June
Who can apply ?
Participant must


1.    Be an entrepreneur ( small business owner) based in Africa
2.   Be under 30 of age
3.   Have access to High speed internet
4.   be proficient in English (minimum TOEFL 600)
5.  Commit to finish the course.
6.  Female entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply
How Can I apply?
1.       Download your application here CBS In-V-Ent-Ed Online Program Application 2013
2.      Request it from Tiburce Chaffa
Course Duration:
This summer course will feature only 20 participants.One session  (90 to 120 mn) a week from 1pm to 3pm EST
Application Process and Deadline
1. Send your application by June 15
2. Send your application to and keep  – Mention iNvENtED as the tittle
Any question?
Feel free to contact Tiburce Chaffa if you have any question regarding this course.