Call For Participation: Young Researchers Conference on Interdisciplinary Genocide Research

Young Researchers Conference on Interdisciplinary Genocide Research, 4th - 6th December 2013, Ruhr-University Bochum


Call For Participation: Young Researchers Conference on Interdisciplinary Genocide Research


Inviting Institution: Institute for Research on Diaspora and Genocide, Ruhr-University Bochum
Location: Ruhr-University Bochum
Date: 4th - 6th December 2013
Deadline: 30th June 2013


The Institute for Research on Diaspora and Genocide, Ruhr-University Bochum, is going to hold a Young Researchers Conference on „Ideology and state-induced violent crimes“ at Ruhr-University Bochum from December 4th to 6th 2013.
The conference provides a forum for doctoral students, postdocs and young researchers from a variety of disciplines in historical, sociological, cultural and social sciences with a research focus on Genocide, Violence, Peace- and Conflict studies. It offers them the opportunity to present their dissertation projects and recent research projects to an interdisciplinary research audience and to put them up for discussion.
The conference aims at enhancing the inter- and transdisciplinary scientific exchange and especially at inciting a critical debate on the actual state and recent trends in historical, sociological, cultural and human sciences research on collective violence.
We invite young researchers to give critical theoretical, empirical or conceptional contributions adressing among others the following key issues: Structures, processes and long-term consequences of state-induced violent crimes, especially genocides as well as new theoretical-methodical approaches in violence research.

The conference's focus is the question of the connection between ideology and state-induced violent crimes. During the last years among sociological, as well as among historical and cultural scientific studies on violence, a strong orientation towards a mainly action-theoretical approach on a microlevel in research on phenomena of violence can be observed, for which in the same time the exclusion of the concept of ideology as well as more generally of the importance of world view frames for violent politics is characteristic. Therefore the question arises, at least in the case of the german-speaking area, whether this paradigm shift in dealing with state-induced violent crimes may open the way for new readings, that are instead of responding to research deficits, rather responding to public debates. At the same time this new orientation stands in a striking coincidence with an increasingly observable exclusion of ideology in public memory of the national-socialist genocides as manifestated in many media discourses.

The connection between Ideology and state-induced violent crimes however still remains an only little studied aspect in research and analysis of most of the 20th century's genocides. This young researchers conference wants to focus particularily on those acts of collective violence and genocides which have characterized the last century's history and wants to analyse them from this perspective.

Contributions addressing one or several of the following questions will be taken particular account of:
– Which role do ideological knowledge regimes and their discoursive frames play in the legitimisation of state-induced violent crimes?
– How are concepts of violent crimes and ideology coined in recent scientific discourse? 
– Which new epistemic interests are gained in micro- and macro- level studies with concepts like „Referenzrahmen“, „spaces of violence“, „segments of violence“, „internal dynamics of violence“, „Interaction between violence-carriers“ and „historical transformations of violence“, which aspects are thus deferred and how is this procedure justified?

In order to be taken into consideration in the Conferences programme, paper abstracts of about 400 words and a CV shall be submitted until June 30th 2013 via E-Mail to:

Feedback concerning acceptance will be issued until July 30th 2013.

Travel expenses up to max. 200 Euro as well as board and lodging costs will be provided for lecturers.
It is intended that accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings after the conference. It is possible and welcomed to attend the conference without contribution, though this can not be financially supported.
We ask for application until september 1st 2013.

The conference will be opened on December 4th 2013 at 4 p.m. and will be closed on December 6th 2013 at 4 p.m.

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