Come and visit beautiful Strasbourg with youth from all over the European continent!




 Strasbourg Meetings - Focus Russia
 We are organizing the international youth forum "Strasbourg Meetings - Focus Russia" in order to:

 Create a new effective way of interacting between Russian youth and that of other European countries within the values of the Council of Europe.
 Encourage Russian youth to participate in European youth projects.
 Give the chance to youth from across Europe to know more about Russia, its culture, society and youth.

 The International Youth Forum Strasbourg Meetings - Focus Russia gathers 200 to 250 students and young graduates from Russia, France and many other countries of the greater Europe, in order to encourage dialogue, cultural understanding and cooperation between youth from Russia and other European countries.

The forum is organized by the Youth Association for a Greater Europe with the support of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation.

 Lectures, masterclasses and workshops on international, intercultural and economic relations and on educational matters are presented by outstanding speakers from across the greater Europe. There will be live music every night, along with delicious Alsacian food, a visit to Strasbourg and the Council of Europe, and a whole afternoon in the European Youth Centers.