Call for Applications, The Paris Peace Forum 2018

Deadline:  5 November 2018 – 18:00, Paris Time (CET).
Open to: political and economic leaders, actors from civil society, media, and academia as well as other actors invested in questions of global governance
Venue: 11– 13 November 2018, Paris, France


Founded by Sciences Po, the Körber Foundation, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the Institut international des relations internationals (IFRI), the Montaigne Institute and the French Republic, represented by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Paris Peace Forum is envisioned as a recurring, annual event to promote governance solutions in five key issues:

  1. Peace and security
  2. Environment
  3. Development
  4. New technologies
  5. Inclusive economy

Inspired by the COP 21 model, the Paris Peace Forum will be a forum for discussion and debate with special emphasis on civil society initiatives, and for sharing experiences and innovative solutions involving all the stakeholders in governance:

  • Heads of State and Government leaders, local and national elected representatives;
  • regional and international organisations, especially UN agencies;
  • civil society in its broadest sense: companies, associations, NGOs, foundations, think tanks, media, trade unions, religious leaders, philanthropists, experts, etc.

With these actors, the Paris Peace Forum aims to strengthen the actions of existing multilateral organisations, primarily the United Nations, and speed up implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Paris Peace Forum will also offer the right setting for convening actors from around the world to launch formal initiatives, track-two exercises, mediations and bilateral dialogues.

The expected output of the Forum is take these projects one step further by publicizing them, vetting them through debates in various formats, and having their promoters meet the "implementers" -states, international bodies like the UN, but also G7, G20, BRICS, OECD, and many others. Several thousand participants are expected, and 150 projects will be featured in the "Space of solutions" (the exhibition space).

The other output of the Forum is to testify there is still a constituency for collective action, among states and civil society both in the Global North and the Global South, beyond populism and inter-state tensions -and to mobilize public opinions and leaders for that cause. After all, economists have Davos and security experts have Munich, Shangri-La or Valdai -but there is no place to advance the cause of good governance.


Bringing together political and economic leaders, actors from civil society, media, and academia as well as other actors invested in questions of global governance, it seeks to discuss solutions for contemporary international challenges in several areas (peace and security, environment, digitalisation, development, inclusive economy) and to strengthen global multilateralism and Europe‘s role in global affairs.

It is a proactive response to the rising tensions of today’s world and aims to be the place of all governance solutions. 

If you are a governance project leader, this is your chance to make your idea heard and to generate support for taking it forward.


You need to organize, book, and pay for your travel and lodging in Paris for the Forum. For your stay in Paris, we recommend to look for information on the Paris visitors bureau website


If you want to attend and take an active part in the Paris Peace Forum (November 11-13), you need to fill in a request for invitation on our online form. To access the Forum venue an invitation confirmation is needed, which will be sent to you by before the Forum.

In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to:

The official web-page.