Call for Applications for the 12th Central European Conference in 2019

Rajk László College for Advanced Studies is organizing the 12th Central European Conference in 2019. The conference will take place between the 14-19 August at Budapest in various locations throughout the city.

The subject of the CEC 2019 is Technocapitalist Democracy. We are on the brink of an industrial and technological revolution, which could radically change not just the economy and the way we do business, but our society, our institutions and politics as well. Will technology save market capitalism and democracy? Or are we in a transition period? While there are many uncertainties, it is important to analyse the various processes that have started to reshape our world: the changing relationship of big business and politics, data analytics in all aspects of our lives, the mobilising energy of technological innovations in community-building, the shifts in the monetary systems and the rise of new business models. Our various sections are going to explore the topics outlined above, with a focus on how these issues affect Europe and the European Union.

The next CEC aims to make sense of the rapidly changing social, political and economic aspects of democracies, focusing on how to identify and adress the issues transforming our lives. The main questions of the conference are: how does the future of our institutions look like and what are the perspectives of European citizens in these processes?

Why should you apply?

Learn about the hottest topics!
The Central European Conference is about connecting people from all European universities in order to broaden our perspectives about the relevant issues of the region and the world. There will be five sections and acknowledged teachers will guide the members through the topics of Machine Learning; Smart Cities; Cyber Diplomacy; Big Politics, Big Money, Big Data; Competition Policy of International Firms and Social Role of Companies.

We believe that to support individual learning and experience, we have to maximize the number of interactions between the participants. By taking part at exciting debates and informal events, people tend to experience and remember more. Therefore, we planned many half-academic events and arranged meals to foster possibilities to get to know each others’ academic work and passions.

Discover Budapest!
Since you are visiting a top tourist destination, Budapest, we not only want you to work hard, but also to join us and explore the city. We are planning to take you to those special places that only locals know. Prepare to see breathtaking view of the city and to learn about the ruin pubs, the famous baths or the stories surrounding our historical places.

Who can apply to the conference?

We are waiting for the application of BA or MA students, studying in the fields of social sciences, business or economics from all European universities. We also have some places for those who graduated in the recent years.

The language of the conference is English, so advanced English knowledge is required for all participants in order to be able to understand the coursework and participate in the debates. Special requirements can be found in the description of each section. Please make sure to check them!

How can I register?

The application is open now!

Deadline of the application: 24th May 23:59
We aquire your CV and a motivation letter.*

Fill out the registration form and send the application material to the following e-mail: 

*The lenght of the motivation letter depends on the section you apply to. There are some specion application material in sections, so please check the section’s website!

If you apply to more than one section you do not have to write separate motivation letters, but a detailed one is enough.

Register here until 24 May 2019: