Asian Development Bank Logo Contest 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is the largest development partner of Azerbaijan with over $5 billion of total approved assistance. Azerbaijan has become member of ADB in December 1999. 20-year of Azerbaijan and ADB partnership will be celebrated in late 2019 along with 15-year anniversary since the establishment of ADB’s Resident Mission (AZRM) in Baku. As part of anniversary events AZRM is announcing logo competition and invites submissions of compelling logos that visually represent the celebration theme: “ADB’s role in Azerbaijan’s development over the last 20 years.”

The purpose of logo contest is to use the winning logo in all subsequent celebratory events to be organized in fourth quarter of 2019. Competitive logo designs should incorporate design elements relevant to ADB’s mission in Azerbaijan. ADB logo may be used as part of the design.


Deadline: Submissions of logo design and short description the symbolism behind must be sent to by 18:00 of 22 July 2019.


  1. Participants: any citizen or resident of Azerbaijan.
  2. Participants must agree that their entries:

(i)   will become the property of the ADB, and that any and all intellectual property rights in the logo design are deemed assigned to ADB;

(ii)  constitute permission to use the winner’s name, likeness, and prize information for publicity purposes, without further permission or compensation;

(iii) the winning logo can be modified by ADB to better fit the purpose.

  1. Submission of entries must be:

(i)   the original work of the entrant(s) and must not be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images;

(ii)  no more than two entries per individuals or teams; and

(iii) in psd format

  1. Selection criteria:

(i)   Relevance: Is the logo aligned with the theme?

(ii)  Originality: Does the logo exhibit original design, creativity, and imagination?

(iii) Aesthetic Quality: Does the logo command attention? Does it display visual

      balance and color coordination? Do all the elements work together to create a

      unified and appealing design?

  1. Decision and announcement: The Selections Committee comprising 3 persons and chaired by ADB’s Head of Mission in Azerbaijan will evaluate all entries. The Selection Committee may not to select a winner, if in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final. The decision will be made after 1 August 2019.
  2. Post-contest requirement: The selected winner must submit a scalable vector version of the design so that it is adaptable to electronic and print media, to reproduction on small and large surfaces, and to use in color or in grayscale; provide with a high-resolution vector file (e.g., in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign).


Prize: The winner will receive 200-manat worth of gift voucher. In addition, the winner may choose one of the following three rewards:

(i)    Recognition plague; or

(ii)    Recommendation letter from ADB’s Head of Mission in Azerbaijan; or

(iii)   Invitation to one of ADB-hosted Receptions.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.