Reboot Health and Wellbeing Contest – Keeping Young People Safe


Deadline: 15 April 2020


The World Health Organization (WHO), supported by the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology (UN-OICT)UNAIDS, the World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF, challenge you to use your bright minds and entrepreneurial skills to address one of the of urgent health challenges for the next decadeKeeping young people safe. The range of possible health innovation solutions that may be submitted include:

  • apps or games
  • wearables, digital technologies, tools or platforms, products
  • the creation or improvement of products, services, processes
  • new approaches to collaboration or communication, or new ways of engaging young people and/or other stakeholders
  • policy reform proposals with a view to keeping young people safe across the world.

Health innovations are defined here as the creation or improvement of virtual, physical or digital products, services, processes, or systems to improve public health.


a) The Challenge is only open to individuals and groups of up to four (4) individuals, except for:

     i. WHO staff

     ii. Anyone with any direct ties (employment or otherwise) to the tobacco or arms industries.

If You are considered a minor in Your country of residence, Your parent or guardian must consent to Your participation in the Challenge.

b) You must enter in Your personal capacity and not as a representative of any organization.


All submissions will be featured on the challenge webpage on the Unite Ideas platform.

The winners and their proposals will be mentioned on the WHO public website and invited to attend an award ceremony at WHO’s Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2020 (date and other details TBC). Flights and accommodation will be covered by WHO, in accordance with its rules and procedures, for up to three winners (one individual representative of each winning proposal).

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