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Applications for the Innovation Challenge are open. This is a Challenge hosted by The Collective Foundation and it aims to bring to life innovative ideas that will help to solve some of the major problems that COVID-19 has brought. 
This programme is 100% online and focuses entirely on helping charities innovate during the COVID-19. You'll get access to a community of like-minded people with a shared mission to tackle COVID-19, mentoring and educational content to make your project a success, and work directly with our partner organisations such as Crisis UK to make your idea a reality! 
Why participate? 
This is a real opportunity to make a positive impact and help in one of the world's biggest challenges. Your ideas will tackle the difficulties faced by the most vulnerable people: 
- Isolated older people 
- Young people with disadvantaged backgrounds 
- People who experience homelessness 
Besides leaving a mark in the world and impacting thousands of lives, you'll also have other benefits such as: 
- Grow your knowledge by having access to webinars and educational contents 
- Connect to experts and be mentored by them 
- Be part of a community of other people who want to tackle the crisis and get peer-to-peer feedback 
- Receive the resources needed to turn your idea into reality 
How will ideas be selected? 
Each of the challenges will be backed by a charity partner based in the UK, and mentors who are experts in these fields. Those partners will select the most promising ideas which will be further supported to come to life. 
The criteria will be: feasible, impactful, comprehensive, inclusive, innovative and adaptable to existing resources. 
What is the Challenge timeline? 
 It will be starting to welcome sign-ups on April 24th, and the online platform and first Challenge will launch in the first week of May. The challenges will run for a minimum of 4 weeks, meaning that the first ideas will be selected at the end of May
Challenges and partners will be onboard on an ongoing basis, meaning that it'll be different timelines for different challenges. People can participate at any point in the timeline, but it's encouraged that people join teams early to make the most of it. 
Who is eligible? 
We encourage anyone who has a genuine interest in tackling these challenges to apply. However, it's important to point out that the Challenges are UK-focused. We're a London-based foundation and currently only work with organisations in the UK. 
The winning projects will be implemented in the UK. We do hope that the solutions will inspire a positive impact internationally, too. That said, people from any country can take part and contribute their skills to the Challenges. 
Whether you have experience in tech, UX, business, project management, the charity sector, or the creative arts, there is no limit to what we can achieve if we bring our strengths together. We actively encourage people who have personal or professional experience working with isolated older people, young people with disadvantaged backgrounds, and people who experience homelessness.
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