The Copernicus Masters - EU Space Data for new Business Applications Challenge






The EU Space Data for new Business Applications is looking for solutions that have the potential to stimulate new commercial incentives in “established” markets and open up business opportunities to startups.

The Challenge

It becomes increasingly clear that the use of EU Space data is almost unlimited, not only thanks to the high level of quality and accessibility of data, but also due to the rapid development of new technologies such as AI, data analytics or cloud computing that support the exploitation of these data.  Thus, the penetration of space data through innovative applications into markets regarded as established is very promising. Against this background, this challenge encourages the submission of innovative proposals based on EU Space data that have the potential to open up new business opportunities for startups.

The key requirement is that the solutions demonstrate the “added-value” in the use of Copernicus and Galileo/EGNOS data for their development and the expected market impact.

Submissions are welcome in any application field, such as:

  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Leisure and Sport
  • Trade
  • Construction

The EU Space Data for new Business Applications Challenge aims at stimulating new business models and market perspectives for startups by offering innovative solutions to customers and consumers. The proposals shall prove technological feasibility.


Submissions to EU Space Data for new Business Applications Challenge will be assessed against the following criteria:

EU Space data connection

What EU Space data or inputs do you use? In case of Sentinel data, please specify from which mission. If you combine them with other data sources, please describe them.


Why is the project innovative in the sense that you use EU Space data or combine them in a way that offers a new application? Demonstrate the technical feasibility of the project.

Potential market up-take

Describe the potential or expected market-up of the solution and the future users (businesses, consumers, public authorities etc.). If you have first market experience, please describe it. Describe your business model and how you envisage the entry into commercial relations.


Demonstrate that your team have the required technical and business expertise of the team to successfully implement the project and bring it to market.

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