Call for Applications: Mathematical Methods in Computational Neuroscience


Deadline: 15 May 2020

Venue: 15 Jul-15 Aug 2020, Kavli Moen Gård, Eresfjord, Norway

Computational Neuroscience and Inference from data are disciplines that extensively use tools from mathematics and physics to understand the behavior of model neuronal networks and analyze data from real experiments. Due to its interdisciplinary nature and the complexity of the neuronal networks, the list of techniques that are borrowed from Physics and Mathematics is an extensive one. Although using tools from standard curriculum of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering is common, more advanced research requires methods and techniques that are not usually covered in any single discipline. 

To fill in this gap, this 4 week summer school covers some of the most important methods used in computational neuroscience research through both main lectures and scientific seminars (5-6 main lectures per topic and  1-2 seminars by each invited seminar speaker) .

Organizers: Yasser Roudi and Benjamin Dunn

Main Lectures and Lecturers

Information Theory and Inference

Matto Marsili, ICTP

Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks

Yasser Roudi & Nicola Bulso, KISN 

Bayesian Statistics

Kamiar Rahnama Rad, CUNY

Dynamics of Neural Networks

John Hertz, Nordita

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