Call for applications for the TUM-IAS Visiting Fellowships

The Technical University of Munich has established its Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) with the goal of creating fields of excellence in “Science and Technology”. Embedded in a comprehensive technical university, TUM-IAS seeks to promote research in fields ranging from natural and applied sciences, life sciences and medicine to all areas of Engineering, many of which are strongly influenced by modern science. TUM-IAS awards Fellowships to distinguished researchers and gives them the necessary time and financial support to explore new venues, to develop novel research areas, especially at the border between classical disciplines, and to establish intensive international collaborations as well as collaborations with industry.

The Fellowships offered by TUM-IAS are subdivided into six categories. With these programs, TUM-IAS seeks to attract scholarly talent on senior- and early-career-level both from inside TUM and from around the globe, as well as researchers from the industry.

In addition, TUM-IAS awards the title of “TUM-IAS Visiting Fellow” to distinguished short-term visitors (one week to two months) from outside TUM, who have a great international reputation as scientists or engineers, and who have the intention to engage in a short-term, but intensive collaboration with researchers at the Institute. Details about each type of Fellowship are given in the corresponding subpages.


The Visiting Fellowship contains funding for travel and local accommodation costs. The overall amount will be appointed individually by TUM-IAS and depends on various factors such as the length of the period of stay. A renewal of a Visiting Fellowship is possible under special circumstances.

How to apply

TUM-IAS awards the Visiting Fellowship on the basis of a nomination by a leading scientist or researcher from the TUM-IAS community.

  • Nominations can be made at any time of the year.
  • A nomination must include the CV of the candidate and a statement of purpose written by the proposer.
  • The statement of purpose must include a reference to how the TUM-IAS community will benefit from the visit, for example via a planned talk at a TUM-IAS event or research meetings with TUM-IAS members (please include a short plan of activities).
  • The nomination should also provide information on the proposed length and period of stay, a budget plan, and practical arrangements for hosting the candidate (TUM-IAS can provide assistance and limited hosting facilities).

The Director of TUM-IAS will decide on the award after consultation with the staff of TUM-IAS, taking budgetary considerations into account. After Fellowship completion, a short activities report (one to two pages max.) must be delivered to the TUM-IAS office. The costs will be reimbursed to the Visiting Fellow once the report has been received.