Call for Applications: The Spring 2020 Fellow Nomination


Deadline: 1 March 2020


Established by the Psychonomic Society Governing Board in 2014, the Fellows program recognizes members who demonstrate clear evidence of independent scholarship, active engagement in methodologically rigorous and theoretically interesting high level research, and indications of an imminent national/international reputation for excellence in the psychological sciences. Fellows shall be persons who have demonstrated that they are well qualified to conduct and to supervise scientific research in psychology or allied sciences.

Eligibility & Application Requirements

Before you start the submission process, please carefully review the following guidelines for submitting a Fellow nomination:

The Psychonomic Society is committed to scientific merit, which entails the inclusion of scientists of all genders, races, sexual orientations, countries of origin, geographical locations, and disciplinary expertise. Please critically examine your deliberations to eliminate biases that detract from our commitment to merit. (Requirements updated 11/15/2018)

  • A PhD or equivalent, and typically 4+ years of post-PhD experience.

  • Published significant, peer-reviewed research beyond the doctoral dissertation. This includes at least six recent research publications in high-quality refereed journals, in addition to publications resulting from the PhD. The application must make clear that the applicant has a track record of independent research.

  • Active, independent scientific research must be in psychology or allied sciences.

  • A member of the Psychonomic Society in good standing, for a minimum of 2 years, with dues paid for the current year.

  • Self-nominations are accepted.


  • Free registration to the Annual Meeting.
  • Fellow submissions to the Annual Meeting receive the highest priority for acceptance as spoken presentations.
  • Eligible to submit nominations for Psychonomic Society awards, including:
    • Early Career Award
    • Mid-Career Award
    • Distinguished Leadership Award
  • Eligible to submit proposals for a Leading Edge Workshop.
  • Eligible to submit proposals for a Collaborative Symposium.
  • Eligible to participate in the annual election process by providing nominations for Governing Board candidates, and by voting for candidates.
  • Free online access to the seven Psychonomic Society Journals.
  • Access to the searchable, online Member Directory.
  • You may add FPsyS as an acronym to your e-signature.


Application link is HERE

For more information WEBSITE