Call for Applications – UK-Canada Bursaries Programme – 2018

An opportunity for United Kingdom-based researchers to apply for bursaries ranging from £5,000 (approx. five Bursaries), £10,000 (approx. five Bursaries) and up to £20,000 (approx. five Bursaries) to support new active participation in funded Canadian-led Arctic research in Arctic Canada during 2018.

Researchers in the United Kingdom and Canada have strong and growing links in polar science. In specific recognition of the speed of change in the Arctic, the need for strengthened observation and monitoring and the ever closer research relationship between the two countries, the Department for Energy, Business and Industrial Strategy, working with the British High Commission in Ottawa and the NERC Arctic Office, is funding a second year of the bursaries programme to support UK-based researchers to actively engage with Canadian funded projects in 2018.

The outcomes of the bursaries programme are expected to support and further develop medium to long term research and collaboration links between UK-based and Canadian researchers, and to provide access opportunities for UK-based researchers to the Canadian Arctic. The programme is part of a systematic approach to strengthen research ties between the two countries.

This programme is open to UK-based researchers in Arctic fields. Applications will be particularly welcomed from early career scientists. It is expected that applicants will normally be employed in permanent positions within UK institutions. 

The programme is intended to foster new UK research engagement in already-funded Canadian Arctic research programmes. The expectation is that this will be for practical fieldwork and associated research, including laboratory work as required, undertaken in 2018. 

The projects to be joined will be Canadian-led and with the expectation of a Canada-based Principal Investigator. The programme will not generally be available to support existing UKCanada joint research projects, but will focus on new collaborations. 

Researchers who were successful in their applications in the first year of this Bursary programme are eligible to apply in this second round, but must clearly identify the additional value and the new aspects of the collaboration in their new application.

Eligible costs can include: travel, accommodation and subsistence, purchasing/hire/use of special equipment, logistics and shipping costs, specific training and permit/access costs. Salary costs and associated costs, such as insurance, will not be eligible. Conference costs are unlikely to be eligible unless there are specific and focused links to the research programme, and a field project forms the major part of the proposal. Proposals should normally be for a single researcher but could be for a small number of UK researchers working collaboratively, but should not exceed £20,000 in total. All costs will be funded at 100 per cent. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain written and specific permission for the UK-based researcher to join the Canadian-led project, together with confirmation of all appropriate permits and access provisions. This letter or permission must come from the Canada-based Principal Investigator.

The deadline is 5 January 2018.  Further details can be found in the Call for Applications document.