Talouteni.fi 2019 Scholarship for Nordic Students Going Abroad

he world is constantly getting more and more integrated, and Finland is part of the process. Being a small nation, it is important for us to look beyond our borders to share and gain knowledge, and our Nordic neighbours are in the same situation. That is why we at Talouteni.fi want to support Nordic students who are broadening their horizons by going abroad

Therefore we are very happy to announce our scholarship of 500€ to support Nordic students going abroad. (Approximately 561.04 USD as of March 8th 2019)

Eligibility Criteria

These are the prerequisites that must be met to be eligible for the Scholarship:

The scholarship is open to candidates from:

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Norway

All participants must be enrolled at an accredited Nordic post-secondary educational institution within 2019.

All applicants are required to indicate their acceptance through the consent form  and send it along with their application.


Read about the scholarship privacy notice here.

Application Process 

The application should include the following documentation:


1. Transcripts or similar proof that the application is currently enrolled at an accredited nordic university.
2. Curriculum Vitae or resumé.
3. An essay outlining the importance of going abroad.
4. Consent form


The essay should answer the following two questions:

1. How do you think your experience going abroad will contribute to making the Nordic countries more global?

2. Why do you think you deserve the scholarship?


Furthermore, the essay should be written in English and consist of no more than 1,000 words.

All documents are to be submitted in Microsoft Word Document or PDF format. The essay must be written by the applicant and must be 100% original.

All documents must be submitted via email at scholarship@talouteni.fi. The subject line must contain “Scholarship Application + Your name”.


The application deadline is 31st October 2019 midnight UTC (+01:00). The winner is to be announced on 2nd of December 2019.

Selection Process

All the applications and essays will be reviewed by committee within the company. The final decision will be based on a total evaluation of the applicant profile and also according to the most well-written, reflective, and comprehensive essay.

Contact information

Talouteni.fi - www.talouteni.fi 

Email: scholarship@talouteni.fi