Call for Applications: Post Doctoral Grants 2020 at Pasteur Institute, France


Deadline: 27 April 2020


Each year the Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs allocates funding to promote and aid completion of postdoctoral internships for both French and foreign scientists in institutes of the Institut Pasteur International Network located outside mainland France.

The Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs finances postdoctoral fellowships each year to promote and facilitate postdoctoral traineeships for French and foreign researchers within an institute of the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) outside metropolitan France.

Any subject covered by RIIP institute laboratories: research into infectious diseases (infectious physiopathology, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, virology, parasitology) and public health activities (diagnosis, monitoring, resistance, etc.).


These postdoctoral grants aim to promote mobility with the arrival in a new environment. The postdoctoral traineeship is therefore conducted in an institution where the candidate does not yet work, outside the home country and outside the country in which the person attended university. 


The first step is to find a host laboratory in the Institut Pasteur International Network.

See the Database RIIP

IMPORTANT: before submitting his application, the candidate must imperatively define, with the host laboratory, scientific project and starting date of the training.

The application must also include (section “Personality (s) supporting the application”):
    •   One or two recommandation letters 
    •   Letter from the head of  the host unit
    •   The opinion of the director of the host institute   

The applicant agrees to be shown on all documents (reports, slides, abstract, etc..) the logo of the Institut Pasteur and to include in the acknowledgments the Department of International Affairs – Institut Pasteur International Network for financial support.

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