Call for Applications: European Cross-Border Grants


Deadline: 17 July 2020


The aim of is to promote independent investigative journalism in Europe by giving journalists the chance to carry out journalistic research projects. The project should include cross-border research, networking between colleagues, established and innovative investigative methods and that is at the same time original, innovative and intensive.

Eligibility is seeking professional journalists who have good ideas for cross-border investigations and for research on European affairs. Journalists living in Council of Europe member states are eligible to apply. This means that this grant is inclusive for all Europeans and not just those who live in the European Union.


European Cross-Border grants cover travel-related expenses, such as transportation (flights, train tickets, car rentals, gas, tolls, etc.) and accommodation costs. However, they do not cover costs for food or per diem allowances and equipment (such as cameras, microphones, software and so on).

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