Call for Applications: Project Work for Suoja/ Shelter Festival-Laboratory vol.3 Online Edition


Deadline: 5 May 2020 (23:59 CET)


Suoja/ Shelter Festival-Laboratory seeks a Curator for its third online edition to be held in June 2020. Individuals of any age, gender, nationality and country of residence are cordially invited to send their proposal in English.

The conceptual frame of the 3rd edition of Suoja/ Shelter Festival-Laboratory is H_st_rical Narratives: the main focus is laid on the aspects of personal and political affects in the domain of historical systems and speculations. We invite to ponder over how unreflected past can influence uncertain presence; how individual and common affects are used as tokens in political processes; how we can act as political bodies overcoming traumatic experiences and converting them into artistic endeavours, respecting artistic labour and embracing the idea of self-organisation. Driven by the spirit of the previous festival editions, we are reconceptualizing the idea of "safe" and "individual" which still can find ways to remain common and collaborative. Moving online, we are creating a space for performative experiments, discussions, immersive interactions; welcoming the diversity of artistic practices which can reidentify themselves for a digital space; offering to make it is a tryout with a prospect to continue working with the same topic, but on a bigger scale, during the future offline event. We believe that every safe space can be only a temporary measure to surmount crisis and to gain strength to meet reality. Being concerned by the trend of the devaluation of artistic labour by cutting wages for on-line work, we try our best to sustain a fair allowance for every participant.

A Curator will work in close collaboration with festival curators and organisers to develop and produce the core programme of Suoja/ Shelter 2020.
  • The proposal letter must contain a curator's motivation along with conceptual direction and envision of a proposed topic. Extra consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate a creative approach to curatorial research methods and the plan of work.
  • The proposal must include three artists/ artistic researchers. Short biographies must be included.
  • A curator shall orient the whole program to be implemented in an online format.
  • A curator can be of any nationality and country of residence, but be aware of the cultural and political processes of Scandinavian countries, Russia, Baltic Region and Eastern Europe. All proposed artists can be international.
  • Extra consideration will be given to ones in the beginning stages of their curatorial careers.
  • The Festival strongly encourages applications that contribute to the concept of diversity.
  • 3-days online festival on the 12-14th of June 2020.
  • The festival is run via the Zoom (hosts 300 participants at once).
  • Opportunities to develop related public programming, encompassing directories of: sound and performance art, video and moving image, computer art, artistic research and education. The program should be composed both, via direct invitations and via an open call.
  • 400 euro* unrestricted honorarium.
  • 3000 euro* budget for the invited artists and artists via an open call.
  • Press materials and PR support.
* the curators/ artists who are the recipients of the Kone Residency Grant 2020
are welcome to apply on a free basis
  • The open call is evaluated in two stages. After the first selections, the applicants will be contacted for the online interview on the 6th of May. The interviews are held from the 7th (10-16 CET) to the 8th (10-13 CET) of May.
  • All applicants will be notified of results by the 9th of May 2020.
  • A proposal letter:
  1. A curator's motivation plus a conceptual direction and envision of a proposed topic. The conceptual frame of the 2020 Shelter online edition is H_st_rical Narratives.
  2. An explanation of the selection process of the artists and artistic researchers (proposed candidates and following open-call).
  3. Must be no longer than 4000 characters.
  • Curator's CV (PDF, 2 pages maximum).
  • Curator's portfolio of realised projects (PDF, 10 pages maximum, 5MB).
  • A list of three participating artists/ artistic researchers and short bios for each. A proposal of an educational program is appreciated (proposal of at least one key speaker). Work samples of selected artists/ speakers (PDF, 2 pages per artist, 5MB).
  1. IMAGES (2-4 per artist): artist name, artwork title, year, medium, dimensions, additional description.
  2. VIDEO/AUDIO: please provide URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is better for video. Soundcloud is preferred for the audio + password, artist name, artwork title, year, duration, additional description.
  • Due to constrained circumstances, the online edition of the festival is focusing on live performances, lectures-performances, various forms of media art and new media art which can be integrated and accessed online.
We are looking for a curator who can/ is:
  • Elaborate on a proposed topic and create a strong conceptual vision of its realisation.
  • Propose, negotiate and invite artists/ researchers – core elements for building a program.
  • Collaborate with organisers/ co-curators in the creation of an open call in directions of: sound art/ performance art/ computer art/ video and moving image/ artistic research.
  • Together with organisers/ co-curators make a selection after an open-call.
  • Collaborate with organisers on composing of program design, schedules, and timelines; writing a curatorial text, media texts; working with mass media.
  • Together with organisers/ co-curators moderate a talk outlining the theme of the festival.
  • Create a thematic reader and glossary to be published online.
  • Use English on a high spoken and written level.
  • A confident user of digital technologies and can work remotely.

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