Call for Applications: Emergency Response Grant Programme: COVID-19


Deadline: 17 May 2020


Our Emergency Response Programme will provide funding to organizations working on projects that utilize the Internet to improve lives during or in response to an emergency situation. In 2020, the Foundation’s focus will be on projects that respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, both during the immediate period of the crisis but also looking ahead at responses to the inevitable “second wave” later this year/into 2021.  

Programme Objectives

  • Provide urgent support to produce lasting, positive outcomes in response to a regional or global emergency
  • Help ensure the success of existing Internet-based initiatives and/or help create new ones that encourage long-term resiliency 


The basic eligibility requirements for all Foundation grants are outlined here. All applicants must ensure that they meet these basic requirements.

The Foundation is interested in funding organizations that:

  • Are committed to the using the Internet as a force for good
  • Implement global and/or regional projects with measurable and documented impact on individuals and local communities

Selection Criteria

Organizations will be asked in the online application form to:

  • Demonstrate previous experience in managing grants of at least US$250,000 within a one-year period.  Experience in managing subawards to local groups is desirable as well.
  • Clearly articulate how the proposed project directly addresses the current urgent period of the crisis while also having direct positive impact during the inevitable “second wave” of the pandemic later this year and into 2021. 
  • Demonstrate innovative ideas and creative thinking to address this emergency, such as repurposing proven technical solutions to make lasting effect.

Note: We will not consider applications that do not propose Internet-based interventions.


Grants of $250,000 to $500,000 USD will be awarded for projects lasting up to 12 months.

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