Vacancy for Creative Communication and Brand Mastermind Intern in Brussels, Belgium





Damian Boeselager is a Member of the European Parliament for the pan-European and progressive party and movement Volt Europa. Volt is committed to strengthen and reform the European Union.

As Volt’s only member in the European Parliament, Damian has the freedom and duty to communicate to Volt members and citizens across the continent. The communication should not resemble traditional formats, but should incorporate storytelling, community building, and creative interaction. Damian is open to experiments.

The intern will be a key and equal part of the team, and can - potentially - take full charge of building Damian’s brand and reputation. The position does not require experience in political communication, as Damian would like his outreach to be different from traditional party political or Parliamentarian outreach. But it requires a high level of dedication, near-native in English, a fascination with the internet and social media, with storytelling, with languages, a high level of creativity, digital skills including the video and sound editing. We need a wizz with talent and energy!

In the European Parliament, Damian’s goal is to enhance democratic decision-making, strengthen competitiveness and innovation in the European economy, establish paths for legal migration, setting up a path for a common, fair and fast asylum system, and ensuring that the EU works for all via economic stability measures.

The Creative Communication and Brand Mastermind Intern will...

  • be quite free to review and plan Damian’s communication strategy
  • Plan larger advocacy campaigns with a clear achievable and measurable target, involving other stakeholders and building a community around the goals
  • On an ongoing basis and in line with the planned campaigns design, write, edit e.g.,
  • Blogs, op-eds, press releases, publications, and features in the areas of Damian’s parliamentary and committee work
  • Social media and web content, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Newsletters
  • Offline material, i.e., posters, brochures, pamphlets 
  • Assist the team in organizing events, launching publications, seminars and conferences
  • Coordinate with Volt’s Comms team where needed for our work in the European Parliament

We expect from applicants to...

  • be a near-native English speaker
  • have some work to show, some form of a track record (past articles or videos, even if privately produced, are perfect!)
  • really want to revolutionize communication, be passionate about and have an eye for good story telling and perfection in creative work
  • be able to write in a concise, accessible, and fun way, understandable for a broad audience of people who have absolutely no clue about or no time for politics
  • have or be able to teach themselves digital and design & editing skills (e.g., iMovie, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and this stuff)
  • be entrepreneurial and results driven, to work within time limits, to be positive and seek and find solutions collaboratively
  • have a good judgment on what works and what does not

We will promise to...

  • value your work, respect you, and consider your opinions at all times
  • give you a lot of freedom and always be available for quick feedback and guidance
  • be very inclusive and hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionality
  • learn from you wherever we can
  • financially remunerate you for your work via a Parliament contract


  • Letter or video: Please let us know why you are applying and what experience you have
  • A proposed campaign: Submit or think about 1 campaign that Damian could launch. You can use any means (articles, photos, etc) you want. Proposed topics:
  • De-congest the Greek island refugee camps
  • Get people interested in politics
  • Past work: Send us some of your past work, e.g., videos or articles you created
  • Deadline: Tuesday, 30th of June 2020
  • Pre-selection interviews: beginning of July

Creativity and perfection wins. Please send your application (plus links & attachments) to