Vacancy for Product​ ​Manager in Baku, Azerbaijan

We’re ​looking ​for ​a ​disciplined ​and ​impact-driven ​B2B ​& ​B2I ​Product Manager ​who ​wants ​to ​help ​us ​transform ​enterprise ​influencer marketing ​software. ​Collaborating ​with ​the ​founders, ​stakeholders, and ​cross-functional ​teams, ​you ​will ​coordinate ​and ​lead ​key ​product ​initiatives. ​You will ​be ​responsible ​for ​influencing, ​inspiring, ​and ​guiding ​effective ​and ​efficient product ​development.

Primary​ ​Responsibilities:

  • ➔ Help ​define ​the ​roadmap ​and ​product ​strategy 
  • ➔ Communicate ​product ​direction, ​coordinate ​sprint ​cycles, ​ensure ​quality, ​and act ​as ​liaison ​with ​leads ​from ​engineering, ​design, ​QA, ​and ​client-facing ​teams to ​ensure ​we ​build ​the ​right ​things, ​at ​the ​right ​time
  • ➔ Identify ​underserved ​market ​needs, ​facilitate ​solutions ​design, ​and ​assess ​the technical, ​UX, ​and ​business ​impact ​of ​opportunities 
  • ➔ Prioritize, ​define, ​and ​validate ​features, ​aligned ​to ​strategic ​initiatives ​and business ​drivers
  • ➔ Proactively ​enhance ​our ​product ​development ​processes ​and ​best ​practices 
  • ➔ Write ​documentation ​including ​product ​scope, ​user ​stories, ​user ​flows, ​value propositions, ​go-to-market ​plans, ​test ​cases, ​and ​issues/tickets 
  • ➔ Partner ​with ​customer ​success ​and ​sales ​to ​understand ​and ​prioritize ​user issues ​and ​requests
  • ➔ Accountable ​for ​release ​outcomes; ​supporting ​design, ​tech ​and ​QA ​teams ​with reviewing ​and ​ensuring ​UX ​and ​overall ​quality
  • ➔ Implement ​analytics ​to ​measure ​and ​validate ​success ​in ​terms ​of ​usage, engagement, ​task ​success, ​and ​satisfaction
  • ➔ Monitor ​partner ​updates, ​develop ​competitive ​intel ​and ​evaluate ​opportunities in ​the ​technology ​landscape 
  • ➔ Champion ​innovation ​and ​continuous ​improvement
  • ➔ Represent ​the ​Keepface ​team ​and ​embody ​our ​product ​principles: ​Think ​Big, Start ​Simple, ​Leap ​Forward, ​Stay ​Flexible, ​Win ​Together.

What​ ​we're​ ​looking​ ​for:

  • ➔ 4+ ​years ​of ​overall ​industry ​experience ​with ​at ​least ​2+ ​as ​a ​product ​manager 
  • ➔ Passion ​about ​Keepface, ​our ​vision, ​and ​the ​problem ​we ​are ​solving 
  • ➔ Experience ​in ​enterprise ​SaaS, ​marketing ​cloud, ​and ​SMMS ​is ​a ​big ​plus 
  • ➔ Strong ​track ​record ​working ​with ​front-end, ​back-end, ​data ​and ​AI ​engineers
  • ➔ Strong ​track ​record ​working ​with ​product ​and ​communications ​designers
  • ➔ Business ​and ​data ​analysis ​skills, ​including ​requirements ​gathering ​and ​user science ​- ​analytics ​and ​research
  • ➔ Clear ​and ​precise ​communication ​skills, ​and ​ability ​to ​work ​with ​remote ​and distributed ​teams ​in ​a ​rapidly ​growing, ​not-super-structured, ​startup environment 
  • ➔ Amazing ​organizational ​and ​problem-solving ​skills, ​balancing ​many ​projects, rigid ​timelines, ​and ​client ​requests
  • ➔ Desire ​to ​contribute ​to ​a ​culture ​of ​craftsmanship, ​impact, ​speed, ​empathy, ​and shared ​success
  • ➔ Hands-on ​with ​software ​tools ​for ​project ​management, ​software ​development, and ​product ​road ​mapping 
  • ➔ Ability ​to ​thrive ​and ​have ​fun ​in ​a ​fast-paced, ​ever-changing, ​high-growth company 

Salary​ ​calculation:  

Salary ​depending ​on ​base ​salary ​requirements, ​relevant ​experience/career background, ​and ​monthly ​operational ​bonuses

Why​ ​would​ ​you​ ​want​ ​to​ ​work​ ​here?

At ​Keepface ​you ​will ​make ​a ​global ​impact. ​Keepface ​connects ​tenacious ​brands ​and influential ​content ​creators, ​curating ​an ​online ​marketplace ​for ​shareable ​stories. ​Every brand ​has ​a ​story ​to ​tell ​and ​so ​does ​every ​employee. ​We ​encourage ​an ​atmosphere that ​fosters ​employees ​to ​grow ​and ​develop ​individually ​and ​as ​a ​team. Part ​of ​Keepface's ​strategy ​is ​to ​encourage ​an ​atmosphere ​of ​growth, ​development, and ​fun ​at ​work ​to ​invest ​directly ​in ​its ​people, ​as ​they ​are ​the ​very ​fabric ​of ​the company. ​We ​push ​each ​other, ​learn ​from ​each ​other, ​and ​strive ​to ​continually ​grow as ​a ​team.

Team​ ​member​ ​benefits: 

  • A. Flexible ​work ​environment
  • B. Relaxed ​dress ​code 
  • C. Vacation 
  • D. Parental ​leave
  • E. Culture ​of ​learning 
  • F. Ongoing ​education ​allowance
  • G. Annual ​company ​cruise
  • H. Open ​and ​caring ​leadership

About​ ​Keepface:

Keepface ​is ​the ​influencer ​marketing ​platform ​for ​driving ​conversions ​on ​social networks. Keepface ​is ​a ​unique ​platform ​for ​brands ​to ​filter ​most ​relevant ​influencers, communicate ​with ​them ​and ​manage ​campaigns ​using ​real-time ​analytic ​data provided ​by ​Keepface. ​Brand ​campaigns ​can ​be ​initiated ​by ​corporations, agencies, ​government, ​embassies, ​and ​organizations. ​Influencers ​also ​can ​offer their ​content ​ideas ​and ​to ​the ​brands ​and ​get ​funded ​for ​creation. ​We ​use ​big ​data to ​categorize ​the ​influencers ​so ​that ​system ​can ​automatically ​offer ​most ​relevant influencers ​to ​the ​brands ​according ​to ​their ​target ​group ​and ​marketing ​objectives. Keepface ​plays ​a ​historic ​role ​of ​being ​the ​first ​market ​mover ​in ​Caucasus ​and Central ​Asia ​countries. ​Registered ​in ​DMCC ​Free ​Zone, ​Keepface ​functions ​in ​the AstroLabs ​Dubai ​- ​region's ​premier ​co-working ​space ​for ​digital ​technology companies. ​With ​Astrolabs ​Keepface ​aims ​to ​set ​up ​a ​presence ​in ​Dubai ​and ​scale regional ​coverage ​for ​Central ​Asia, ​Caucasus, ​Turkey, ​Russia, ​and ​MENA.

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