Vacancy for University Teacher at ADA University, Azerbaijan

ADA University
College of Humanities and Sciences
Teaching Vacancy Announcement


Teaching is an Art. Art of creating, sharing and inspiring. Inspiring discovery and innovation. As any art, teaching requires passion yet at the same time knowledge and competencies. ADA University College of Humanities and Sciences getting ready to be launched in September of 2019 will take you through the most exciting journey of living your passion while building a rewarding career in 21 Century Teaching and Learning.

ADA University College of Humanities and Sciences is a first-of-its-kind college that will admit students after completing the 9th grade at any other school. The program offered by the College aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who grow as Intellectual Solution Providers, Close Collaborators, Effective Communicators and Ethical Citizens.

The uniqueness of ADA University College of Humanities and Sciences is that it will provide a head start on undergraduate degree by offering an academic program with many Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses (earn both college and undergraduate degree credit). College program will allow students to take a focused pathway of courses allowing them to earn up to 60 undergraduate degree credits and possibly an associate’s degree concurrent with their college graduation.

The primary language of instruction is English, however certain 1st and 2nd year courses will be delivered in Azerbaijani language as well.

ADA University College of Humanities and Sciences announces teaching positions in the following areas (the language of instruction is indicated for each field):

  1. Communication and Media Studies (English and Azerbaijani)
  2. Computer and Information Sciences (English and Azerbaijani)
  3. Economics (English)
  4. Population and Resources (English and Azerbaijani)
  5. Azerbaijani Arts and Culture (English and Azerbaijani)
  6. Physics (English and Azerbaijani)
  7. Mathematics (English and Azerbaijani)
  8. Chemistry (English and Azerbaijani)
  9. Psychology (English)
  10. Sociology (English)
  11. Global Issues in the 21st century (English)

Position Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree and/or Master’s degree (preferred) in one of the areas above or areas relevant to those
  2. Up to 5 years of teaching experience is preferable
  3. Experience in course and syllabus design is preferable
  4. Any type of international experience is preferable
  5. Strong commitment to serving university and society

Interested candidates are requested to submit their current resume in PDF format to specifying the Job Title in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The cut-off date for application is November 19, 2018. Appointments begin June 2019.