Various Positions at Azerbaijani-French University (UFAZ)

About UFAZ

UFAZ was initiated by the Presidents of the French Republic and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since September 2016, directed by the University of Strasbourg and by the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, in close partnership with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, UFAZ undertakes the delocalization of 4 specialties at bachelor level in the fields of science and engineering. Students are delivered a French and an Azerbaijani diploma.

Vacant Positions:

Chemical engineering laboratory assistant
Physics laboratory  assistant
Chemistry Laboratory assistant
Chemistry/ Physics practical work instructor


Applicants must submit via e-mail a pdf file written in English to the selection committee (Deadline: 10th February 2019). Applications and information requests are to be sent to:

The application file shall include:

  • A complete CV meeting at best the selection criteria detailed as follows:
  1. A Master’s degree as a minimum level of education with a high average grade and/or with distinctions in physics/chemistry
  2. Excellent level in English: applicants must be able to communicate with teachers and Teach practical work sessions in English
  3. Applicants must have at least two years’ work experience at the laboratory
  4. Laboratory experience abroad in the field of academic research. 
  5. Additional assets in the CV:
    • education experience abroad (full curriculum, mobility, or training)
    • familiarity with textbooks written in English
    • knowledge of modern educational methods (information and communication technologies for education)
    • knowledge of the French language
    • postdoc abroad
    • Laboratory experience abroad in the field of academic research or chemical industry. 
  • A motivation letter written in English language specifying the interest of the candidate for the position at UFAZ.

Responsibilities of a laboratory assistant:

  • Setting up lab equipment and preparing chemical solutions. (for chemistry laboratory)
  • Ensure the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced and that everything is clearly and correctly labelled
  • Following and ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks.
  • To assemble and prepare necessary laboratory materials before scheduled laboratory.
  • To assist the laboratory teacher during the (entire) laboratory period.
  • To put away laboratory materials after completion of the practical work session.

Responsibilities of chemistry/physics practical work instructor:

  • To teach timetabled practical work sessions and undertake all necessary preparation for the teaching of these sessions.
  • To ensure that the laboratory is a safe environment in which to work
  • To provide the laboratory technician with a weekly plan of practical requirements
  • To communicate with the teacher responsible for the subject over matters of curriculum, resources, practical work management and discipline.
  • To assist within the development of and the planning of practical works.
  • To communicate potentially important information to department coordinator and responsible teacher.


*A motivation letter written in English language specifying the interest of the candidate for the position at UFAZ.