Vacancy for Junior/Middle/Senior Software Developer in Baku, Azerbaijan

R.İ.S.K. Company

Junior/Middle/Senior Software Developer(s)


Requirements (all are required):
       ●   Strong desire to work and learn;
       ●   Speaking (along with Azerbaijan) - Russian or English.


Skills (all are required):

  •  C#, Entity Framework, MVC;
           ●   typescript, React (if not, at least Angular), Semantic-UI;
           ●   HTML, CSS, git.


For Junior - knowing syntax, at least HelloWorld Project using each of above mentioned technology, plus knowing OOP, design patterns - at least first steps.


For Middle - at least 1 year experience of all above mentioned technologies, deeper knowledge, plus ability to plan and report.


For Senior - at least 3 year experience, plus ability to couch and teach co-workers, ability to design architecture, analyze the customer needs.


Optional skills (not a requirement but it will be estimated as bonus): :

  •  geoserver;
           ●   openlayers;
           ●   other desktop or web GIS frameworks/experience (ESRI is preferred);
  •  technical education or thinking (to solve mathematical, geometric problems);
           ●   oracle administration;
           ●   tdd, ddd;
  •  java se;
           ●   deep knowledge of javascript and related technologies;
           ●   other web related background;
  •  designer skills (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. experience);
  •  mobile development (Android, iOs).


Candidates should send applications to