Tour Guide at Baku Explorer

Deadline: 16 February 2020

Baku Explorer website was founded in order to assist tourists, expats and English speaking locals to find best up-to-date information about Baku city. Baku Explorer team makes all the phases of travel planning easy through up to date information and friendly customer services team. Baku Tours by Baku Explorer offers guided tours in which the best experiences have been complied to deliver our guests. We believe that every visitor in our city should have the best experiences and long living exquisite memories. We are looking for people who share our belief
and who are ready to be tour guides as soon as possible.
The tour guide will work at different time shifts (mainly during the day) and will show the tourists and expats in Baku the city attractions, while informing and engaging the visitors with the history and interesting facts. Most tours will be between 3 and 5 hours long. Although we focus mainly in Baku and surrounding areas, we also deliver guided tours across regions. Therefore, the tour guide should be available for trips in regions and deliver guided tours in these regions as well.

 Guides should have fluent speaking skills in English and/or Russian
 Be passionate for new opportunities
 Be able to work during the day or at night shift for the night tour
 Be open minded
 Should be enthusiastic to tell the stories about Baku and regions of Azerbaijan in an
informative way
 Be energetic, entertaining and confident
 Be detail oriented and show professional attitude towards the guests
 Be ready to start working as soon as possible
 Must have no working obligations in another company or busy with studies

 Competitive remuneration based on commission
 Opportunity to meet foreigners and present Azerbaijani hospitable culture
 Gain professional work experience in tourism industry