Call For Applications: InterActions Professional Exchange Internship Programme


Deadline: 30 April 2020


InterActions enables professional exchange and cooperation between civic initiatives, independent media, research institutes and social business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. By participating in InterActions, activists, journalists, social entrepreneurs, public policy experts and researchers can choose for themselves a suitable host organisation where they want to be placed. Applicants should be affiliated with organisations, movements or networks in their home country.  Alternatively, an organisation can use the programme to invite an expert from a like-minded organisation to be placed with them.


 Individual or organisations working in one or more of these fields:

• NGOs, civil society groups focused on human rights, ecology, urbanism and other related topics
• Independent media and social media influencers
• Think tanks
• Research institutes engaged with our key themes
• Social business
• IT start-ups with social impact
• Informal education initiatives (for example, online education platforms)

Applicants should have proven experience and commitment to their field in their country or region.

What kind of professional exchange proporsal will get support?

Applicants should have a well developed idea of what they want to achieve with their InterActions professional exchange.  It can be research, skills-development, or any other idea that you want to collaborate on with a host organisation or an invited colleague. Applicants are free to propose any topic. However, the Prague Civil Society Centre does have some thematic priorities (see guidelines below).

We welcome all ideas, but the applications should include a concrete description of:

• What applicants expect to gain from the expertise of their host organisation/invited colleague.
• What kinds of tasks or activities will take place during the exchange and how will they help the applicant reach their goals.
• How will the knowledge acquired during the exchange contribute to the work of the applicant’s organisation. 

Proposals for purely academic research are not likely to be supported, nor are applicants who want to work on their PhD thesis.

Applicants will be shortlisted to the InterActions programme based on their applications and the general concept of the exchange. Those who are shortlisted will be asked to submit a more detailed plan for the exchange. 

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