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The Kroc Institute's Master's Degree in International Peace Studies will prepare you for a career in public policy, political change, organizational management or conflict analysis and transformation.


Students in the 2-year master's program:

  • Complete coursework in peace and justice theory, contemporary conflicts and strategies of peace, and career paths in public policy, political change, management, and conflict analysis and transformation.
  • Work as interns for six months at leading organizations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, or the United States, strengthening professional skills.
  • Make connections and join a global network of Kroc Institute alumni at work in nearly 100 countries around the world.

Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Joan B. Kroc, the Kroc Institute offers students who are accepted into the master's program a full scholarship and a stipend for housing and living expenses.

Graduates work around the world (nearly 100 countries) in public, private, and nonprofit sectors, including government agencies, multinational organizations, international research and policy centers, and local, regional, and global nongovernmental organizations.

The deadline for applications is December 15 each year.

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To make an appointment to speak with the Director of the Master's Program, call the Kroc Institute at 574-631-6970 or email:

Susan St. Ville
Director of the Master's Program

Questions about the application process may be directed to:
Diane P. King, 574-631-6974,



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