Call for Applications, "European Union - Russia Studies" MA programme at the University of Tartu



Apply for a unique MA programme! Understanding the dynamic relations between Russia, the European Union, and its Eastern neighbours is fundamental to comprehend global developments in today’s changing world.


This unique, multidisciplinary, MA programme provides students with the analytical tools and skills to grasp the political, historical, and economic developments in Russia, the European Union, and their shared neighbourhood. Students are involved in a dynamic process of active learning in which the focus on global developments combines academic quality and the most innovative teaching techniques. Through continuous development, EURUS remains at the cutting-edge of studying EU-Russia affairs. Bridging academia and the “real world”, our programme emphasizes not only acquiring knowledge, but also applying it. Learn more about the programme.


The learning process as a life experience

Established in 2008, our programme is one of the first international programmes taught in English at the University of Tartu. It combines a long-standing tradition of assured quality with a vocation to innovation and internationalization. The EURUS programme adopts innovative teaching techniques and emphasizes active learning via interactive teaching. Through one-on one-mentorship, we support the personal and academic development of each student. We highly value internationalization and aim to build a community of learners where a blend of cultures and traditions combines into a stimulating learning environment. In the 2017/18 academic year, we enrolled 20 students from 16 different countries ranging from the United States and Brazil to Finland, Russia and Hong Kong. With us you can meet the whole world in Tartu!

Watch a video​​ about our programme!