A scholarship opportunity for study in Russia | Master's degree

Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project

Leading Russian universities open the doors to higher education for international students. You can take part in the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project for a chance to study for free in a master’s degree program at one of the top Russian universities.

Who can participate?
The competition is open to all foreign citizens, Russian citizens permanently living abroad, and stateless persons who already have a bachelor’s degree or will earn it in 2019.

Subject areas
Participants can choose from a range of subject areas: physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, business and management, economics, politics and international studies, philology and linguistics, and psychology. Each area includes several tracks, such as Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Biotechnical Systems and Technologies, etc. A participant can choose multiple subject areas at once. The winners of the contest can enroll in a university without passing entrance exams and begin their education in the 2019-20 academic year.

The winners can choose between programs taught in Russian and English. Should the program of interest be unavailable in English, the student can start by taking a one-year Russian language course.

Stages of the competition

  • Qualifying round: portfolio contest held Nov. 1, 2018-Jan. 31, 2019.
  • Participation is open to everyone.
  • Final round: online test conducted Feb. 18-March 7, 2019.
  • Participation is open to the winners of the portfolio contest.

Study opportunities
The contest winners will be able to choose from over 500 Russian universities, including those in international rankings such as the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), QS World University Rankings, and Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU), and the 21 universities participating in the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project. The competition is held in English and Russian.

How are the winners determined?
The lists of winners and runners-up will be published on the project’s website. The tentative date of publication is Feb. 11, 2019. The results will also be available on each participant’s personal page on the competition website.

• Winners
Participants successfully passing the two rounds with a score that lands them in the top 5 percent of the ranking are deemed to be the winners of the contest.

• Runners-up
Participants successfully passing the two rounds with a score that lands them outside the top 5 but in the top 25 percent of the ranking are considered runners-up.

Both winners and runners-up can select any program track within a subject of their choice and apply to one or several Russian universities that have educational programs corresponding to the track of interest.

Applicants wishing to study at MIPT are offered a wide range of master’s programs in three areas of study: mathematics, physics, and computer science, plus a preparatory course in Russian as a foreign language (if necessary).


‘Reality exceeds expectations’
When I first found out about the Open Doors project, I decided to take part in it right away. The portfolio stage was pretty easy to pass if you have any certificates or diplomas from the appropriate competitions, or published papers. The second stage came across as rather difficult for me, but I got acquainted with the examples of problems and it helped a lot. I knew a lot about MIPT, I also knew that it’s a leading technical university not just in Russia but worldwide. So I was super-excited when I found out that I won! Now I study at the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, I chose predictive data analysis program. And I would say that reality exceeds the expectations: so many interesting things to do, and the quality of education is high. If you want to to get a master’s degree at MIPT for free, don’t miss this chance!
- Brian Florian Angulo Yauri

‘Open Doors gave me a chance to enter the university of my dreams online’
I saw the info about the Open Doors project from MIPT’s International Students Office. I wanted to apply for a master’s degree in Russia, but the problem was that I couldn’t be there in person. Open Doors gave me a chance to enter the university of my dreams online, I think it’s a huge advantage. The portfolio stage was very easy: I just scanned all the documents showing my achievements in physics and uploaded to the website. For the second stage, I solved the examples of the problems that were available before it started, and it helped me pass. I also liked the platform on which the second stage took place. As soon as I found out that I won, I started planning my education here. There are so many great labs, both academic and industrial (many top Russian companies have their labs at MIPT). Another important thing for me was the campus, and it’s really nice and well-adapted for study and leisure. Although it’s pretty difficult to study at MIPT, it is definitely worth it: I’ve learned several programming languages and lots of other new stuff during my first semester. I now study at the banking IT technology department, which is a joint division with Sberbank Technology, and I didn’t even expect the study here would be so engaging. I would really recommend everyone to take part in the Open Doors olympiad.
- Djakhongir Isabayev


To find out more or sign up for the competition, visit the official website of Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project.