Degree programmes with Tuition-Waiver Scholarships at the University of Tartu

Degree programmes with Tuition-Waiver Scholarships at the University of Tartu


Founded in 1632, the University of Tartu (UT) is one of the most respected centres of education and research in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Estonia’s largest and most comprehensive university. The university belongs to 1.2% of the best universities in the world and is among the three best universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS World University Rankings). Each year the universityattracts an increasing number of international students from around the world. It currently accommodates 13,000 students,including more than 1,500 international studentsfrom 90 countries.


UT offers 23 international study programmes,fully available in English, in various academic disciplines:






* No tuition-waiver scholarships available for these programmes 



Almost everyinternational degree programme offered by UT provides tuition-waiver scholarships for the best applicants based on aranking list. Everybody applying for international bachelor’s and master’s studies will be automatically considered forthe scholarship, thus there is no need to apply for it separately. Students receiving this scholarship do not have to pay the tuition fee if they complete a full-time study load of 30 ECTS per semester.Additionally, students can apply for stipends covering the costs of living in Estonia. Find out more 

How to apply?

Students are admitted once a year in spring, with the academic year beginningon the 3rd of September.Everyone, regardless their country of origin, who has completed their previous level of education (secondary school for bachelor’s studies, and a bachelor’s degree for master’s studies) can apply for degree programmes at UT. If you graduate later in spring or summer 2018 you can still apply for the desired programme with your latest grade list or transcript of records from your university.In order to apply, candidates should submit the online application with electronic copies of all the required documents before the deadline. Find out more at


  • 15 March, 2018 – Master’s programmes
  • 15 April, 2018 – Bachelor’s programmes


Five reasons to study at the University of Tartu


  1. Belonging to the top 1.2% of the best universities in the world, UT is among the three best universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS World University Rankings). UT alsorepresents the top 1% of the world’s most-cited universities and research institutions in the fields of molecular biology and genetics, environmental science and ecology, biology and biochemistry, botany and zoology, and many other areas.
  2. The University of Tartu is an international university: out of 13,000 students, 1,500 are international students. Many student organisations, such as ESN and AIESEC, take care of the social life of international students.
  3. Students have great study abroad opportunities. UT has 80 partner universities in 31 countries – thismeans that a student can go on exchange to literally anywhere in the world from the USA to Australia with little to no additional costs. Students can use Erasmus or ISEP programmes as well as many other study abroad scholarships.
  4. UT has its campuses infive cities across the country – Tartu, Viljandi, Narva, Parnu, and the Estonian capital Tallinn. The main university campus is situated in Tartu - thestudent capital of Estonia where every 5th person is a student. The city feels like one big campus, where everything is within walking distance.
  5. The University is the major science and research centre of Estonia - a unique small country that strives to be the number one force in the world in IT. It is the birthplace of Skype and many e-solutions such as e-government, e-parking, and e-elections.



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