International Research Mentoring (IRM)

International Research Mentoring (IRM) is an online based business offering research, academic career and study mentoring services in social sciences through its global network of experts and scholars of social sciences. With its global network of experts and scholars of social sciences, it offers a wide range of mentoring services in the following categories:Research Mentoring, Academic Career Mentoring and Study Mentoring.

Services are offered in English, Russian, Turkish and German. IRM’s network of experts and scholars of social sciences brings together committed people with recognized achievements in their own fields. With an aim to become a global leader in research, study and academic career mentoring, IRM continuously revise its services and enlarges its network of experts and scholars of social sciences.

Services are offered in a tailored way. Once the client contacts IRM, he or she takes a short survey to provide general information about his or her educational and/or professional background. Consequently, IRM’s general mentoring experts set an interview with the client to better identify his or her needs. Based on the findings, an individual mentoring plan is specially designed for the client.

Diverse sets of services are offered to bachelor, master and doctoral students. For more information see the following pages: For bachelor students, For master students and For doctoral students. If you still have questions, you can reach them at Contact Us.