Call for Application for Scholarship for MAS Mediation in Peace Processes

Deadline for scholarship applications: 21 April 2019

Please note: if you are awarded a scholarship for the MAS, you will still be required to formally apply through the ETH Zurich general application system. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive an email notification in May 2019.

While we encourage you to submit your application form as soon as possible, we should note that all applications are reviewed at the same time. We do not have a rolling admissions process.

Please note also that form below should be used for applications for scholarships from the MAS ETH MPP program. The ETH School for Continuing Education has an additional scholarship program for all MAS programs at ETH, including the MAS ETH MPP. For more information and to apply for that scholarship, please visit the E4D website (

  • To qualify for an MAS ETH MPP scholarship, you must be a citizen of a non-OECD country. 
  • Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
  • All submitted documents MUST be in English or be accompanied by a translation.
  • When initially clicking "next" at the bottom of the form, you will receive an onscreen message allowing you the option to review your entries or to continue and send the form as is. If you have no revisions to make, please click "Submit" again to finalize and send your form.
  • Your combined attachments should add up to less than 13MB, otherwise we will not receive them.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for an automatic confirmation email – if you have not received it in this time, please email: to check that your application has been received.

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