Call for Applications, TrepCamp Entrepreneurial Simulator 2019

A three week training program in which you will acquire the mindsets, skills and experiences needed to become a high-impact entrepreneur in one of the top innovation ecosystems in the world.

The application consists in:

  • Assessment Center

  • Participant background  

The TrepCamp Assessment Center is a situational test where you will be exposed to different entrepreneurial scenarios. Your answers will reflect the entrepreneurial skills and mindsets that characterize you.  At the end of the Assessment Center, you will receive your results and have the opportunity to complete your application to TrepCamp Entrepreneurial Simulator 2019

The Admissions Committee will analyze your results and determine if you are eligible for the program and a scholarship in one of our cohorts: New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, San Diego, London, and Mexico City.  


We will be receiving applications for Round 1 from Nov 9th to Dec 7th, 2018