Model EU Council at ADA University by Young European Ambassadors


What does decision making within the EU look like? Why not experience it yourself!

Model EU Council is a role-play simulation of the EU Council meetings where delegates from the EU member states represent the interests of their countries and hold discussions that are focused on policy issues concerning the EU and its member states.

Participating in the MEUC will not only help you to gain a better understanding of the decision-making process of the European Union, but will also challenge you in multiple ways, helping to develop various soft skills, such as public speaking, working as a team under pressure and improving your negotiation skills!​

Topic: "Transition to a fair, sustainable and green economy"
Venue: ADA University
Date: 6-7 December
Deadline: 17 November, 23:59 local time

The conference is free of charge!

All participants will be awarded certificates, and speakers with the best performance will get special awards.

We are looking for everyone with a good command of English, strong motivation to learn and desire to contribute to the resolution of global issues.

Why is it a great opportunity for you?

1. You will learn the complex structure of the EU Council and how member states address economic, social, and environmental issues by collaboratively creating policies.

2. You'll get to advance your diplomacy, public-speaking, and analytical skills by acting as a representative of an EU member state.

3. This is a great way to develop the skills useful for your career.

4. You will apply in practice knowledge obtained from various academic courses.

Please see the application link below