call for Applications: Digital Health Initiative 2020


Deadline: 1 June 2020 5:00pm


The Boston University Digital Health Initiative (DHI) is pleased to award annual DHI funding to transdisciplinary research that seeks novel digital solutions to modern healthcare’s greatest challenges.
In particular, our applications seek faculty interested in projects that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches in the development, deployment, and assessment of novel digital health solutions.

Past projects included investigators across several Boston University schools, and utilized a broad range of techniques and methodologies in their effort to find novel, effective applications for digital health technology.

Funding Details

Depending on the type of project, funding up to $25,000 can be requested, including:

  • Graduate student or postdoctoral support
  • Activities in direct support of research

This award is available to all BU faculty. Ineligible expenses include overhead, fringe benefits, travel, events, publications, lab work, lab equipment, samples & other materials, and PI/faculty salaries. Once awarded, funds may be carried forward at most one year and by approval only.

Selection Criteria

Proposal selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Defining a new area of research, and/or taking existing research in a new direction
  • Shovel-ready projects with explicitly named faculty and collaborators, with or without participating grad students
  • Likelihood of PIs’ success in securing follow-up extramural funding
  • Likelihood of significant professional growth of the investigating team members

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