Are you interested in Volunteering in Morocco ?

A Moroccan association called " Volunteers for Solidarity" looking for 2 volunteers for a project which will take place on August 20th- September 5th in Agadir, Morocco.

-The project is a camp for orphans. 
Considering the fact that Orphans do not usually have the opportunity to participate in summer Camps since they’re expensive for them! 
That’s why they decided to organize this one especially for them for free!
- 16 Orphans selected are children aged between 8-14 years Old.
- Participants should have experience in Working with children and able to create activities that suit them. 
It’s preferable to have skills in drawing and speak French along with English to facilitate Communication.
- We provide accommodation and meals. 
Volunteers should pay for their travel costs.
-In the weekends, Volunteers will benefit from excursions to Agadir and its Surroundings, and enjoy its great weather.

If you’re interested and want to know more details about the project contact: