3 Month volunteering Project in Georgia

3 Month volunteering Project in Georgia !!

Period: The project will begin on September 1, 2013 and ends on December 1, 2013.

PARTNER This project is organized for local Public vocational college “AISI”, which is situated in Georgia, Kakheti Region, in village Kachreti.

 “ Aisi” was established in 1990 year as a vocational school, in 2001 It was called professional school and in 2009 it was finally established as a Community college “AISI”. Currently, there are more than 350 students. It is one of the most famous college in Kakheti region. There are students from 15 years and up to 45. College offers different kind of professions such as carpenter, guide tour operator, tractor operator, electrician and many more. For more information, please visit pages: www.collegeaisi.ge or http://www.facebook.com/CollegeAisi 

WORK During the project volunteer will give English language classes to students, work with them through formal and informal methods of teaching, it can be working in small groups, playing intellectual or sport games during or after classes. Motivate students to improve knowledge of English language, practice speaking with situational dialogs. Volunteer together with the local mentor are responsible to follow the syllabus, explain to students elementary and basic grammar and vocabulary topics, also plan after class activities for “English Club” and help students to improve knowledge of English. Volunteer will work from Monday till Friday 5-6 hours per day. Weekends are free. The work can be hard and demanding, involving long working hours, requiring high level of commitment and responsibility. College “AISI” has many different professions so in some cases studding strategy can be different. The project’s aim is to help students (where statistically 60% of students are socially unprotected and under financial aid) to improve their knowledge of English, help them to study necessary professional terminology, practice language and help them to develop cross-cultural thinking.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD The volunteer will live in a college dormitory, located in the courtyard. From Monday till Friday students will live in the same dormitory in the separate room. College provides fully equipped room for volunteer. Bed sheets, hot and cold water will be provided. Toilet and bathroom is beside of the room. Internet will be provided in studding building, where classrooms are. From Monday till Friday students will live in the same dormitory. Food and drinks will be provided in a local cafeteria 3 times per day, according the needs of volunteer.

LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY Beside college “AISI” there are not much for active life in kakheti, but kakheti region of Georgia is one of the big and historical region locates in Kakheti Region, in village Kachreti. Also college locates close to capital Tbilisi. Transportation from kachreti and back way works properly. Public mini buses goes every 30 min from 8:00 AM till 20: 00. It takes around 50-60 min.

Volunteer will be fully involved in all the activities of the collage: excursions, celebrations, etc..

REQUIREMENTS ! Volunteer should be really motivated to work with students. Experience in work with children is an advantage. Good level of English is required, also Knowledge of culture of their country as well as an ability and wish to present it to students in a creative way. The min age of volunteer is 23-30.

Insurance: College Aisi takes responsibility in a basic standard in a argent situation. Volunteer should take care of the health insurance.


For more information, feel free to contact : Tamar Shaoshvili   colorful.house@yahoo.com