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We inform you that we are looking for 2 motivated EVS for PRINCIPIA SCIENCE CENTER

Basic Info:

Venue: Málaga (Spain)

Start: FEBRUARY 2014

End: DECEMMBER  2014

How long?: 9-11 Months

Number of Vacancies: 2

Deadline to aply: 3rd JULY


If you want to know


The current science museums as Principia constitute a stimulating context for learning and an approach to scientific culture. The attractive presentation of its content makes visits a first-rate educational aspect that many teachers take advantage of whenever it is possible. The tours also have a key role as a disseminating focus of scientific culture and the promotion of science.

Principia is an interactive science center which is characterized by promoting scientific and technological dissemination to a wide public in a pleasant, practical and attractive way, always maintaining accuracy in contents. It is interactive because there is a manipulation of objects that forces the visitor to think, reflect and experience, encouraging him to hear and investigate for himself the scientific basis of the natural phenomena of the world around him.

The museum is linked to the education world, so that its activities have a distinctly educational scope, being a good resource for teachers and students, concerning teaching or learning of science. In reality, over 80% of visits are school groups at all educational levels, although the public hosted by this museum is the most diverse: adults, disabled, associations of various kinds, etc.

Principia counts on the selfless help of many teachers whose work and enthusiasm have allowed the museum to carry on with its promotional work. There are also many young students, graduates and qualified people from different areas who have participated and are participating in this work, collaborating, making an internship, etc. In fact, one of our main objectives is the Principia’s formation in teaching, with the purpose of continuing the dissemination of science, from a context as attractive as an interactive science museum is.

 The volunteer in Principia participates in each and every activity carried out in the museum, always under the tutoring and supervision of Principia members who perform that function, such as leading museum visits or participating in science outreach events outside the museum (science fairs, street events, etc.), in order to enhance his learning, integration, training and personal development, for him to be able to develop his own abilities and to implement and create his own projects.


Principia was created by a large group of Málaga’s secondary teachers from the science domain. It emerged in 1994 from "Science Month"’s Educational Innovation Project which gathered in Málaga’s Technology Park over a hundred scientific apparatus produced in different institutes of the city. In 1998, the building that houses the current Málaga’s Science Museum was built and it is continuously operating till nowadays.

Because of its origin and its school museum initial scope, the greatest volume of school visits is from all educational levels and all levels of society. Because of this, in Principia is paid special attention to teaching and educational aspects in all its activities. The conception and execution of its contents was carried out with the selfless work of many teachers.

However, the number of people from out of school who don’t visit the museum is growing more and more. In fact, the variety of groups visiting Principia should be noted: adults, family groups, tourists, associations of various kinds, disabled, etc.

The number of visits has grown year after year and led to a figure of more than 25,000 visitors, from which most are from Málaga city and province. Nevertheless, there are more and more groups from outside our province, as well as tourists from different nationalities. Departing from Principia, it is possible to get close with the reality of a society as diverse as the Spanish one, as well with the European one.

The permanent staff of Principia has three Middle School Science teachers on official business for the Ministry of Education, a secretary, and five specialized monitors. Principia also has teachers and science communicators who voluntarily work and provide expertise for the development of various activities of the museum. There are also many students doing formative internships at Principia: teacher training, training modules and graduate trainees. The work environment is mostly youthful.

This museum consists of four distinct exhibition spaces as seen in our website:

  • Exhibition Hall of interactive modules "Professor Thomas Hormigo", which monitors the tour guide specialists in small groups, so the deal is close and personalized to the needs of visitors.
  • Faraday room in which the public participates in the experiments are performed.
  • Planetarium, where explanations are performed by the Principia, that is, not recorded, so it can adapt to the audience, at the time of year and the interest of the audience.
  • Astronomical Observatory where astronomical observations are made once free and other astronomical events.

The Principia guided tour takes about two hours, and the visit will have three units outlined above (Room of interactive modules "Thomas Hormigo" Faraday Hall and Planetarium). To reinforce and support the work of dissemination of scientific culture from the museum, there are other services and many activities are organized for all audiences among which may be focused:

Video Library Unicaja-Principia: Scientific Documentary Film.

  • Museum and traveling exhibitions.
  • Astronomical month.
  • Development of training materials.
  • Participation in programs, research projects and national and European educational innovation.
  • Competition for design and construction of interactive modules and conducting experiments.
  • Lectures series "Saturday at Principia, Enjoy Science".
  • Series of "Film and Science."
  • Open Weeks.
  • Participation in Science Fairs and Conferences dedicated to the dissemination of scientific culture.
  • Making scientific animation workshops during school holidays.

These are the goals and motivations where our commitment and general interest to host volunteers lies. We offer European volunteers who are for the first time in this enriching programme the opportunity to contact with a privileged context as an interactive science museum is, with a youthful environment and activities conducted by a local authority, where all kinds of citizens pass by, like the ones from Málaga, Andalusia, Spain and Europe. The informal learning and the intercultural experience are for real, being enriched by all the possibilities.


Principia aims to provide to the volunteer tasks and learning opportunities which focus primarily in three major themes highlighted in the European Commission’s Youth White Paper: Information, Participation and Mobility.

Principia encourages the use of "Youth in Action” as a tool to promote social inclusion, active citizenship and employability of young people with fewer opportunities and to contribute to social cohesion in general. Therefore: 

  • Principia is open to volunteers with fewer opportunities in any field, whether educational, social, geographic, cultural, political and / or physical (the center is adapted), aiming at a formation as European citizens in a whole, through their active and creative participation in a voluntary activity at a local level.Principia está abierto a voluntarios con menos oportunidades en cualquier campo, ya sea  educativo, social, geográfica, cultural, político y/o físico (el centro está adaptado) con el objetivo de su formación integral como ciudadano/a europeo/a, a través de su participación activa y creativa en una actividad solidaria a escala local.
  • We have the human resources needed to ensure a professional work with young people with fewer opportunities, enabling a change in them (gaining confidence and strength in themselves).
  • We are able to work with socially excluded young people and immigrants with different cultures and religions as well as youth from conflict areas or from families with fewer opportunities (rural, poor or conflicting).

The museum Principia is located in the city of Malaga (near the football stadium La Rosaleda) and all its activities have the goal of explaining the scientific culture in a fun and attractive way to all, big and small. In fact, our motto is "welcome to Principia, enjoy and learn."

Principia is visited by all, but mostly schools and Malaga residents, so it is a unique environment merging into a society as cosmopolitan and open as Malaga is. The working environment is mainly young, because along with the monitors, many young students, graduates and bachelors choose to do their internships and colaborations in Principia.

Principia serves different areas of the structure / framework of the project:

  • Promoting Participation and Intercultural Learning.
  • Youth formation.
  • Volunteering.
  • Promoting young people's entrepreneurial skills and innovation.
  • Promotion and support of groups, clubs and youth association activities in the city.
  • Participation in exchange projects, volunteering and experiences with other
  • countries where young people are the main actors.


As to the place of residence of the volunteer, we have provided one in Malaga near the Principia Museum.

The city of Malaga lies in a privileged natural enclave. Its municipality borders measure 398,25 square kilometres and its metropolitan population reaches one million inhabitants.

The Mediterranean Sea borders the coast and the mountains of Malaga encircle it, forming a mountain barrier which defends it from cold, its weather being characterized by its mild temperatures, thanks to the sea role as a thermal regulator. The hottest months are July and August, and the coldest are December and February, with an average temperature of 22,8º C maximum and 13 º C minimum. The pluviosity distribution in Malaga is very well defined for each season, with most rainfall in Autumn and Winter.

The geostrategic localization of Malaga in the south of Europe and the proximity of the Magreb border provides it with a variety of opportunities present in the international relations, as well as in the economic and sociocultural development of the area. The city also has a privileged position as the first tourist area of ​​the peninsula, making it a lively and warm place which combines art, culture and traditions with the shores of the Mediterranean. Its three thousand years of history have given it its character of being an open-minded, touristic, shopping and welcoming city; in short, a cosmopolitan city with an eternal universal aspiration.

Malaga is the Andalusian city with the most increased economic activity, as reflected in the Caixa’s Economic Yearbook 2010, reaching a level of 1,714 points, ranking it 5th in the national ranking. It is a city characterized by shops and services and, being the capital of the Costa del Sol, it has a significant tourism revenue that is stimulated by the airport, which is considered the major intermodal center in southern Spain in terms of strategic importance.

The city has a rich architectural and archaeological heritage. With more than twenty museums, Malaga has become a real Museums City. Its historical museum brings together up to 24 spaces with options for all tastes, from the sacred art to more contemporary art, through popular art or interactive museums, while highlighting the figure of Picasso represented by Casa Natal Museum and the Picasso Museum. Some of the most important historical monuments which can be visited are the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle, the Cathedral, as well as its Museum and the Roman Theatre.

Principia can offer volunteers different aspects of informal learning from a privileged context such as an interactive science and technology museum with special features that make it unique in Spain. The volunteer will also have the opportunity in Principia of getting in touch with different cultures and new situations, of accepting and talking positively with diference, overcoming conflicts, while the volunteers themselves have the opportunity to contribute in a creative way to our work by exposing new ideas.

Principia features as an interactive science and technology museum that serves a diverse and varied public and that, in  addition to museum visits, it organizes many activities inside and outside its doors, it becomes a center offering a wide range of possibilities for volunteering in the field of education, culture, tourism, communication, etc. The volunteer will have the opportunity to interact with many different kinds of people, and also within a work environment of mostly youngsters. Principia will provide the volunteer with everything he/she needs in order to be integrated in the local community, socialize, participate in activities of all kinds, and meet other volunteers in Málaga. Therefore, the development of the volunteer social and cultural skills is another important aspect to focus in.

Of course the new technologies will be present, since the Principia web is updated daily and can be reached in social networks. We are also doing an important audiovisual work to document how the museum operates, and activities in which the volunteer may participate as well.

Regarding language skills, learning Castilian will be one of the opportunities that will be offered to the volunteer, but he can also develop his skills in other languages, ​​given that Principia is a center that welcomes visitors from different places and different languages.

Principia performs since its beginning an educational activity that is part of the modus operandi of the museum which will be provided to the volunteer, as well as personal support, support during the learning process and development of Youthpass

The volunteer will join to the daily work of Principia and he/she will participate and collaborate in the developing of our activities accompanied by a tutor or responsible from who will get the necessary support for the learning process. A responsible of Principia will take care of the supervision for the support regarding the tasks. The volunteer will not occupy a job and the developed  tasks will not esential for the normal running of the museum, in fact a special learning planning will be designed for his/her personal enrichment, but at the same time he/she will be considered as one more and will be able to contribute with new ideas and develop new projects.

All would be able to the volunteer to get skills that allow him to improve the personal autonomy, the election freedom and the professional and personal possibilities, as well as getting language skills and contributing to the development of a local community in an european citizenship context. All of them, basic objectives of the programme “Youthpass”.

The volunteers need to send the following: CV (English and/or Spanish); Motivation letter (English and/or Spanish) and the application (English and/or Spanish). In order to take part in the selection process, the volunteers must send the CV and motivation letter.

Regarding pre-selection process of candidates, they are required to fill-out the application form in order to evaluate the different profiles and initial motivations for our project

After the pre-selection process, Principia will carry out a telephonic interview to who are more suitable for our project and afterwards, the volunteer will be chosen.

Principia is looking for a volunteer with the following profile: a responsible person with motivation and initiative, who wants to participate in the running of the museum and shares his/her cultural perspective in the activities of Principia, with disposition to a collaborative  work and committed and interested in working with a diverse and wide range of  public. Principia will pay special attention to who have less opportunities than others.

Principia is a science museum, but the volunteer need not to have scientific knowledge although will be considered positively but it will never be an indispensable and compulsory requirement. The same happens as regards computing skills and/or audiovisual techniques (video recording, taking pictures, computing softwares for image or video edition as Photoshop or Premiere, web design and so on).

We are looking for enthusiastic an open-mind volunteers, with a receptive attitude to share experiences and ideas. We would like to lodge to who really wanted to live a volunteering, learning of the experience and develop personally and professionally. Young people that felt the meaning of “being a volunteer” and wanted to carry out this service as well as possible, with a positive attitude and above all, with motivation and initiative to develop his/her own personal projects into the activities of Principia.

  • Regarding to risk prevention, we have the specific training which is given to the volunteer for his/her sending organisation, National Agency, our organisation and the training courses upon arrival.
  • For the proper functioning and development of the project, we always take in account the cultural differences, respecting all the decisions related to the learning process that the volunteer wants to develop.
  • For proper monitoring of the project, we will develop a weekly meeting with the tutor in order to secure and create a space for dialogue as well as to solve the small problems of daily life. The goal is to create a framework to reflect and evaluate the tools that the volunteer acquires in order to overcome the difficulties in his/her new life.
  • Our volunteer has always a open line of telephone contact (inside and outside of the activities) in case he/she needs it.  The volunteer will be able to contact the tutor or coordinator 24 hours a day in case of any emergency.
  • The volunteer will receive information about the healthy centers, hospitals, doctors, emergency numbers, etc.
  • The volunteer will covered by AXA insurance.
  • In our offices, we have always a first aid kit in case it was needed.
  • In the case of minors, they will be always accompanied.


We just will attend ONLINE APLICATIONS forms… (mails one will not be taken in consideration)

Please be sure that you read ALL project description, and then fill in ONLINE APLICATIONS forms and attach MOTIVATION LETTER + CV + PHOTO (they will be asked on ONLINE APLICATIONS forms

Deadline will be close on 3rd JULY

Selected Candidates will be informed on 10th JULY nd they will have a Phone/Skype Interwiew days after.