European Voluntary Service in Russia


Scientific Research Institute International Centre for the Problems of the Elderly Hospital
01/03/2014- 30/08/2014

Accommodation, food, insurance, 90% of the travel are covered + monthly pocket money.

Formed in 1943, Scientific Research Institute provides care to veterans disabled during the time of war or armed conflict, as well as to the members of their families. 
It’s a governmental organization, free of charge to all veterans and their families. 
The Centre is not a political organization; it aims to advocate the rights and needs of disabled veterans. 
Veterans disabled during World War II make up a half of the hospital clients, those participated in military actions in Chechen Republic make up a quarter of the hospital clients, the rest are the ones, suffered under conditions similar to war.

The volunteer is supposed to participate in general activities of the “International Centre for the Problems of the Elderly” .
His/her tasks will include: physical assistance to the veteran: food, transportation to medical facilities for treatment, etc.; moral support and psychological assistance to the veterans through meetings, discussions and seminars (there is a translator working at the Centre); participation in the development and implementation of various social projects and initiatives in co-operation with different local youth organizations, charities, etc.; participation in cultural/entertainment actions of the Centre the aim of which – to help veterans to overcome the impact of disability; assistance in all corresponding activities. 
During the week the volunteer will have 2 days off (Saturday, Sunday). 
Monday to Friday (6-7 hours a day) – participation in the activities of the Centre, the development and implementation of various projects, actions, initiatives. 
According to volunteer’s abilities and project objectives, the tasks’ priority will be defined on site in co-operation with the project manager.

Medical education is very welcome.
Tolerance and responsibility. 
Motivation and desire to work with the elderly.
Knowledge of the Russian language is very welcome.
Age 21+.
Ability to organize leisure activities for the elderly.

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