Call for Applications, Workshops at WCEU 2019 in Berlin, German

Workshops at WCEU 2018 in Belgrade were a blast! We enjoyed organising them, you enjoyed attending them, and you requested that we bring them to Berlin! 

Do you have a workshop idea that you want to share at WCEU 2019? The Call for Workshops is now open, and we are looking forward to receiving your applications and making this an educational and fun experience for everyone.

What type of workshop could I host at WCEU?

Learning-by-doing is one of the most effective ways to learn. In addition to our regular sessions, we’d like to invite you to provide hands-on learning experiences to our attendees and apply to share your knowledge in the form of a workshop.

You can choose to lead a 90-minute workshop or a 180-minute deep-dive session – let us know which works best for your topic when you apply. If you think your workshop would work better being a different length, we can explore other options with you too.

We are looking for a diverse lineup of workshops across a variety of topics and all levels of expertise. Here are some topics that will interest the audience at WCEU 2019:

  • Development
  • Design and UX
  • Community
  • Content
  • Business

This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to inspire us with your ideas and knowledge. What are you passionate about? Don’t hesitate to apply, and share your expertise!

How can I make my workshop interesting and engaging?

A great workshop will teach attendees new skills or improve their understanding of an already familiar topic, use exercises or examples to make everyone feel relaxed and involved, and encourage teamwork.

Creating, organising, and leading a workshop is hard work. You will need clear workshop learning points tailored to your target audience. You should bring materials or resources to better explain any of the points you are trying to make, and note in your application what you need for the workshop and what attendees need to bring.

Come with a well structured plan and agenda, so attendees know what to expect, and be prepared for the unexpected. Workshops, unlike talks, are meant to get people involved and, therefore, the pace of the session is set by the attendees. Create an environment where everyone feels safe and is able to speak openly, so we can learn effectively together.

To deliver a good learning experience for all workshop attendees, Volunteer Teaching Assistants will be on hand to help participants, answer questions, and ensure the workshop flows well, so you, as the host, can focus on your content.

Do I need to be experienced in hosting workshops to apply?

WordCamp Europe has a large audience, so it is recommended that you have some experience hosting workshops, or have at least spoken about the topic before.

When it comes to delivering successful and engaging workshops, you need to teach people in a digestible format, motivate them to participate, and spark a positive energy in the room. People can ask a lot of questions, so you should be proficient on the subject and comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. We will be sharing more resources and tips on how to plan and run a successful workshop soon.

We will take your previous experience into account when reviewing workshop applications. Please share any previously prepared workshop materials, recordings, or testimonials.

What is the application deadline and process?

The Call for Workshops will be open until 7 January, 2019

Our application process:

  • Call for Workshops will be open until 7 January, 2019.
  • We’ll select speakers and workshop hosts from 7 January, 2019 until late February 2019.
  • Selected speakers and workshop hosts will be informed starting 1 March, 2019.
  • Speaker and workshop host announcements will begin mid to late March 2019.

Are you ready to host a workshop at WordCamp Europe?

We’re excited to offer a wide variety of hands-on workshops to our audience and can’t wait to receive your applications!


Good luck!