Online Leadership in Action Training by EBRD






For Whom: Women Leaders, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Online Leadership in Action Training will be delivered from 17 to 19 and from 23 to 25 June.


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is organizing an online “Leadership in Action” workshop for women entrepreneurs.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak had extremely negative impact on almost all businesses worldwide. Azerbaijan and local women owned and managed businesses were not exception in this respect.  To minimize virus transmission only essential businesses such as food and drug stores, gas stations and banks remained opened. All other businesses were closed or where possible as an alternative switched to remote / working from home arrangements. The change in business operations was unexpected and caused many challenges to shareholders, managers and their teams. In this context, understanding different leadership concepts, tools and approaches that would work in lockdown situation, such as paying increased attention to their teammates, communicating company news, clarity of vision and caring relationships, to lessen the negative impact became important.

To narrow this gap and help women entrepreneurs the training sessions will concentrate on leadership and management in general and its importance, focus on practical aspects including setting targets, managing work and life balance, communication and negotiation skill and networking.

The training will be conducted by Gulzar Guliyeva and Ilkin Garayev. Participation is free-of-charge.  


The training will be delivered online via Zoom platform, in Azerbaijani language, from 17 to 19 and from 23 to 25 June from 10:00 to 16:30 with two breaks and group works.


Registration for the training is mandatory. Only registered participants will receive the respective link to join the training. If you are interested, please feel out the registration form here.

Our team will review all applications and confirm participation to successful candidates.


For additional inquiries, please send an e-mail to  or call us on 0503765814